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With expertise spanning over 40 years in sourcing and supplying both fresh and processed foods to the wholesale and retail markets, the founders and the team identified a need for quality snack foods.

In 1990 BLACK & GOLD was born. What started out as being a need to supply a niche market, soon grew into a range of snack foods that was in high demand by all.

23 years later BLACK & GOLD is the leading snack food brand in Sri Lanka and is growing. Our products can be found on the shelves of small corner stores to leading supermarket chains islandwide.

BLACK & GOLD has an appetizing range of snack foods that has been deliberately formulated to suit most palates. Whilst the flavours of our product are essentially Sri Lankan in origin, the subtle balance of herbs and spices have been tested and found to be appealing to many sensitive palates as well. Due to recent demand for our products from overseas, we are now expanding our business internationally into Australia, New Zealand, Germany and into the UAE. Our products are already on the shelves of specialist stores overseas.

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BLACK & Gold BLACK & Gold
BLACK & Gold BLACK & Gold

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Address : 183/A/1,
Contact : (+94)11 4516690
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Fax : (+94) 0114 513 481
Email : black_gold@sltnet.lk